POLYFOIL® 821 (DSCY) Double Side Cross Yarn

Product Description
Polyfoil 821 double sided cross yarn, it has six-layer laminated with aluminum foil, water base adhesive, polyester yarn, kraft paper, water base adhesive, and aluminum foil. Using excellence technology to produce high quality aluminum foil insulation.

Use for roof, wall, vapor barrier for heating, ventilating, air conditioning duct insulation for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings

821 (DSCY) Double Side Cross Yarn

Roll Size

Width Length Area
1.25 M 60 M 75 M2

Physical Properties

Nominal Mass 13.6 Kg
Basic Weight 199 Gsm
Tensile Strength
  • Longitudinal Direction
  • Transverse Direction
7.65 Kn/m
4.0 Kn/m
Thickness 0.28 mm
Water Vapour Transmission Rate 0.004 g/m2/24 hours
Reflectivity 95 %
Emmitance 5 %